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1-in-2 Canadian households are impacted by food allergy

Children living with food allergies
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At the moment, the best treatment for anaphylaxis is an epinephrine injector, requiring children of all ages to carry two injectors around with them at all times.

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

Oral immunotherapy is a currently available food allergy treatment which exposes an allergic child to increasing amounts of an allergen with the goal of increasing the threshold that triggers a reaction.

OIT is a relatively young treatment and while it has shown to be effective in most cases, it is not covered by OHIP. OIT requires a significant monetary investment making it inaccessible to countless children with no access to the necessary funds.

The incredible team at SickKids is paving the way for new, safer and more accessible treatment for kids with food allergies.

SickKids Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Program (FAAP)

SickKids has recently opened the Food Immunotherapy (FIT) Clinic, where the SickKids team will translate years of breakthrough research into safe and accessible treatment options for children with food allergies.

A central goal of the FIT clinic is to make expensive treatments like oral immunotherapy (OIT) accessible to kids of all socio-economic backgrounds.

The current goal of the FAAP is to raise 9 Million dollars to help expand allergy treatment options and make all treatments more accessible to a greater number of children who need them.

It’s time to pave the way for an allergy-free future for all kids.

Let’s advance the groundbreaking allergy research being done today and make allergy treatments more accessible to kids of all economic backgrounds.

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